Empowering brands

achieve their EPR objectives

Rapidue TechPRO provides comprehensive solutions to
brands via take back & exchange systems; collection
centres; reward points, consumer awareness, recycling,
and enables them to achieve their EPR objectives

Challenges for Producers

Lacking Traceability


Lacking Traceability

Collection Targets

Lacking Traceability

Reverse Logistics

Lacking Traceability

Lacking Ecosystem
for Take back

Our Offerings

Tech-enabled EPR target fulfilment

Recykal is India’s first cloud-based platform to buy and sell recyclables to accelerate India’s circular economy shift. This platform provides on-demand supply for e-waste

Take back programs & data intelligence

Power your EPR with our technology solutions like Recykal and UZED and our network of collection centres to optimize effective take back solutions

Customized digital reach out

Tailor-made customer awareness programs executed by leveraging our tech platforms Recykal and UZED or via traditional channels like micro-site, toll-free number.

Tech-Assisted compliance fulfilment

Our Tech platforms help brands manage the compliance requirements with features like real-time tracking of e-waste and corresponding certificate of destruction produced in liaison with the recycler.

EPR Guidelines

  • As per Rule 13 of E-Waste Management Rules, 2016, CPCB has the mandate to grant, renew or refuse EPR authorization to producers of EEE
  • Producers need to disclose a general scheme of collection (EPR plan) and state yearly quantities (volume targets are based on an increasing percentage of quantities sold)
  • The collection targets for producers have increased from 10% in FY18 to 70% in the stable state (FY 24 onwards)
  • Producers need to file quarterly returns (Form 6) with CPCB to demonstrate compliance on an ongoing basis
  • Updated EPR Guidelines
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Collection Mechanism

How It Works Flow
Multiple collection points across India
Our strong logistics channel has reach to every corner
Certified professional recyclers across India to process collected materials
Certificate of destruction from authorized recyclers
Environmental impact certificate to the consumers

Recycler Partners

Partnered with multiple authorized recyclers who have presence across India. They are capable of extracting maximum out of recyclables .The Network of recyclers collection can be used as drop points by the end users any where in the country and can be used as warehouses for Producers

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Logistic Partners

Recognizing that reverse logistics can drive real impact to the bottom line is an area of high priority for producers. we built a sustainable and efficient reverse logistics practices collaborating with our logistics partners.

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